The Raven Wife of Winter Ease

Released 24 September 2021

Talmorney's debut is a folk concept album containing eleven journeys into winter melancholy. Feeling that, during a global pandemic, the staple folk material of the Child Ballads no longer spoke to him, he chose to write new ballads which had a sense of continuity with the past. So, Sweeney, the ancient Irish king who transformed into a bird and Taliesin, the Welsh bard, both feature. These songs are infused with Celtic myth, his love of the landscape around his home, and also engage with literary history as he is a passionate reader. The song ‘For the Rainy Season’ is an invented dialogue between a soldier and the American poet Elizabeth Bishop, while another ‘Horro’ goes back to the roots of the English language by reworking ideas from the Anglo-Saxon poems ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘The Seafarer’. Virginia Woolf’s concept of special moments of being provides a guiding spirit across all the songs, especially felt on ‘Wild Geese’.

Available on all major digital streaming platforms and as a limited edition CD.

Catalogue Numbers: FBR 002 (digital) and FBR CD 001.

Some Moon Country

Released 10 December 2021

Talmorney's second album is the night-shadow project of his first. Ten acoustic songs for piano and solo voice: seven reworked from The Raven Wife of Winter Ease and three new tracks, which consolidate a further theme of reflections on war. One new song ‘Valdarno’ recreates a crisis point in the life of the poet Dante for the 700th year after his death. 

Available on all major digital streaming platforms.

Catalogue Number: FBR 004

Single Releases

Caravans. Released 21 May 2021. FBR 001.

Gates of Avalon. Released 3 December 2021. FBR 003. 2 tracks. Includes acoustic 'Live For Today'.

Live For Today. Released 10 June 2022. FBR 005. 2 tracks. Includes acoustic 'Ophelia'.

Wild Geese. Released 26 August 2022. FBR 006. 3 versions of 'Wild Geese', including original acoustic mix and a new radio edit.

The singles are all new mixes of songs from The Raven Wife of Winter Ease,   

including extra tracks not available elsewhere. 


EP: The Good-Fellows Complaint & Sundry Ballads.
Released 14 October 2022. FBR 007. 6 tracks.

Includes 3 versions of 'The Good-Fellows Complaint' and 3 acoustic tracks:

'We Be Three Poor Mariners', 'Old Simon the King', and 'The Little Barly-Corne'.


Releases available on all major digital streaming platforms.