About Talmorney


Talmorney (aka Matthew Macer-Wright) is a singer-songwriter working in the folk tradition based in the Forest of Dean, UK. He is a classically-trained pianist and organist who uses keyboards to accompany his folk ballad vocal style.


Talmorney has been writing songs for over 40 years. Aged 50, he fulfilled his ambition of recording an album as a solo artist. The Raven Wife of Winter Ease (September 2021) is a folk concept album infused with Celtic myth, and his love of the landscape around his home. In December 2021 he released a second album Some Moon Country which contains acoustic piano and vocal versions of the songs, including three previously unreleased tracks taken from the original recording sessions.


Talmorney is currently working on a new album of songs to be called ‘On the Mending Hand’ for release in 2023. The first recordings from this project have been collected on an EP called ‘The Good-Fellows Complaint & Sundry Ballads’ released on 14 October 2022, with a second EP, 'Ragged, Torn and True', scheduled for release ahead of the album. He has created original music to a selection of anonymous English ballads from the early seventeenth century. He was drawn to these songs because the voices speak with such clarity and urgency about their own times, what troubles them, what they believe and what sort of world they wish to live in.